Saturday, March 8, 2008

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Your Happiness, Is My Satisfaction...

Hello my name is Rain, and I am the founder of "Just In Time Weddings." I am a wedding planner, who's specialty (but not exclusively) is weddings on a budget. I will take into account your budget and stay within your budget while making your dream wedding come to fruition.

Realizing, stress works in tandem with wedding planning, I will be the "calm in the midst of the storm." Forget what you've seen on TV! With your vision, and my creativity let's make this an event you'll never forget, afterall it is YOUR WEDDING!!

From planning, to directing, to venue decorations, implementation is carried out with your satisfaction in mind.

(floral arrangement by Just In Time)

(formal table setting & centerpieces by Just In time Weddings)

(smaller table setting-Just In Time Weddings)

(arch decoration-Just In Time Weddings)

How I became a Wedding Planner

Innately, I have a passion to create, and decorate. In addition, I thoroughly enjoy what I do.
My first wedding was in fact my oldest daughter, Jen, eleven years ago. Along with my two best friends, we pulled off a beautiful wedding, that is still talked about today. Imagine the surprise I encountered, when friends and associates, realized I orchestrated the entire wedding! It was at that time I realized, I had a God-given gift and as an act of faith, "Just in Time Weddings" was created.*

I am currently serving the Southern Georgia and Northern Florida areas.
If seeking my services outside of these areas please contact me at
and let's begin making your wedding fantasy...a reality!

*references available upon request.

***Why You Need A Wedding Planner***

So what exactly is a wedding consultant? She (or he) is a specialist who plans weddings, or assists in the planning of weddings, on a professional basis. She is part Martha Stewart, part Miss Manners, plus a whole lot of other things!

A professional wedding consultant is a wealth of creative ideas and insider's know-how. She's got connections with the best vendors in town and has learned to become an ace negotiator to get you the best value or 'deal' for your money. She's oozing with imagination, and knows where to find all of those unique and dazzling touches to transform your wedding into an absolute fantasy. She knows the tips and tricks to avoid trouble - but she also knows how to trouble-shoot when the need does arise. She knows what needs to be done when, and she knows the "whos" and "hows" to make it all happen. She's an organized, people person with a penchant for detail and a superb sense of style. She is the bride's advocate and adviser, her counsellor, and her buddy, all rolled into one.

Ask anyone who has been involved in planning a wedding and they'll quickly tell you that the process can be like a full time job. So much to do, so much to learn - and so little time to do it all! Few brides-to-be are experienced in orchestrating an event as large and important as a wedding. There are endless details to arrange, many logistics to organize, large numbers of vendors and service providers to hire, schedules, time-lines and budgets to manage... and as a result, so much room for oversights to occur and for things to go wrong. The reality is that few couples have the level of time in their schedules required to successfully plan, manage, and execute such an event effectively; unfortunately, however, many couples don't realize or acknowledge this until it is too late, when parts of their wedding dream have already disintegrated into disappointment.

In a recent survey conducted by and the International Institute of Weddings, 72% of recently married brides who did not use a wedding coordinator for their weddings said that based on their experience, if they could do it over again, they would indeed hire a wedding coordinator to assist with the planning process, or at least to be on hand to supervise the wedding day itself. And 49% reported that if they could only change only one thing about the entire wedding, this would be the thing they would do differently!

Many brides and grooms run themselves ragged in the months leading up to the wedding. Equal numbers of couples tell tales of a wedding day that went by in a blur because there was still so much for them to attend to and worry about that they had little time to relax and enjoy the moment. The wedding coordinator can help alleviate these situations by being on hand to take care of time consuming tasks and trouble shoot for you when required, making it all so much easier and more enjoyable for you. source